by handsome eric

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crystalboi sounds for the dog days of summer Favorite track: save yrself, kill me quickly.
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rei ♡ This album is so relaxing and I love listening to it while looking at passing by cars. The first song is actually incredible, too. wow. Favorite track: save yrself, kill me quickly.
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handsome eric is me, stephen o'dowd
maxamillion raxatrillion is my son, matthew short

mastered by jeff rattay at tall man studios

thanks to matt , rob, jeff, eric, dave, greg, joe, emily, tim, i miss everyone goodnight.



released February 14, 2016



all rights reserved


handsome eric Dublin, Ireland

a slow growing hope inside of myself that one day i will laugh at all i have done
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
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Track Name: save yrself, kill me quickly
fuck you for leaving me
but thank you for letting me go
i'm not a functioning human being
you're better off cutting the cord and letting me fall down

i am standing on two buckling legs
tell me im fucked in the head
cause anything is better that whatever this life is
and do not want to waste this little life i live
Track Name: paddy goes to genos
im feeling drunk and wild
and i forgot im on fire tonight

i wanna sip a milkshake in the sun
i wanna to run to the ocean
i wanna have some fun
pay a visit to shredder beach
and now im here i dont wanna leave

i don't wanna stop
tell me this will end
i need everyone
i need all my friends
gather around my bed
tell me it's okay
it's my endless summer
and i'm not afraid

come in and make yourself at home
we have a corner you can stand in just to be alone
sit down and pour yourself a drink
feel free to take a dip just please take care not to sink
Track Name: lady and the champ
im so separated
when i realise
it is goodbye
i get cut off
i keep getting cut off

the smell of stale sweat and cigarette smoke reminds me of home

there is no sunken feeling underneath me eyes
it is a part of yourself that you cannot hide
i wake up late to complain that i'm tired
i'm only quiet cause i'm still keeping track of where i left my mind

these two dogs will meet
these two dogs will meet

these two dogs are friends
these two dogs are friends

two dogs will leave
Track Name: maxamillion raxatrillion - rule of thumb
I hear the chorus of a hundred sighs
they've devised a sinister plan
to twist my sinews slow then settle down
torch the town
I'm overdone by the wave of a jaded heat

I redeem
that Judy doesn't want to believe
that there is an end to her misery
when she revolts her insides sing in ecstasy

And I go spiral down a dark abyss
sour kiss
I'm on my way
to reconfigure my extremities
I take a knee
But then a thought sprouts out from this sunken head

I relate
the sources of our current dismay
they create a constellation of petty things
that we cannot avoid or change but
I know I know
that I will be
the one who finally makes Judy see
that love is not some complex mystery
with an index of deafening dependencies

It is a chance between you & me: an indefinite harmony of living things

You cannot do me wrong!

Before I die I'll score that choral sigh's great resign
Hear how I've won
Track Name: maxamillion raxatrillion - shorts
How did I get so behind?
I've been wasting all my time
On letters & numbers
The cold side of me stole my thunder
This holds pathetic

I absolved my x-marks and tried again
What's wrong with good intent?

You shook
You took a concentrated dose of my concentration
I watched my mother's patience limp out the door

But you still want more
What am I crying for?
You fucked me up right

But I hope you find your way around
and I hope you organize your sorts
and I hope he makes you cry
but in a good way of course

Cause how could I feel anything but everlasting joy toward you
It's a silly game to play; I lie when I am too sure of the truth
I never meant to be so mean
Last night you laughed then fell apart in my dream
Track Name: maxamillion raxatrillion - criss cross
I know my confidence keeps me awry
but sometimes
Your lines seem so rehearsed and trite
when you recite
I try to feel something other than fine
when I
say I do

Lucy I'll marry you
if you want me to
I do
Our bond is covalently true
Do you think it too?

When I swear
That the fingers I've crossed cannot cancel the cross that we bear
But beware
I can love for a lifetime or at least 'til I've had my share