oh, cool

by handsome eric

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a bunch of tracks recorded between January and mid-April 2015, apart from "great, ego-death" which was written and recorded on the 13th of april

thanks, hope you like it


released April 27, 2015



all rights reserved


handsome eric Dublin, Ireland

a slow growing hope inside of myself that one day i will laugh at all i have done
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
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Track Name: danger time on the quay
i keep getting drunk in front my friends
and breaking down in alleyways beside workmans
i don't mean to be drag, i swear i'm not like this
i've just been underground and my eye's haven't adjusted

is there a point to this if everything ends
walk past right where we sat when i was way too drunk to get in
i never realize that the grates were so rusted
but things are different now my eyesight has adjusted

i still can't sleep at night
my skins turned pale from lack of light
and i can barely see
still live on of packs of amber leaf

but i haven't grown
i'm still an asshole
and nothings different
i'm still not leaving

give me something anything that i can follow
i need some better life than this to keep me going
i need so help cause i have no idea just what to do
three fucking months and all my songs are still about you
please put me down punch me in the face
i love this town but i really need to leave this place
find a little home wait till i grow old
swpewing hate on cigarettes and dutch gold
Track Name: coast to coast willl never be a hype track, kevin
roll a smoke and come outside
i always hope you notice when i'm not alright
i live in doubt, now i live in good grief
i know the mopes a joke please don't remind me

and im screaming
i cant stop breathing
no ones listening
there is no saving me

5 long years
in my dreams
i'll wake up
i'll be free
i wont tire
i'm still dead
spend my life
awake in bed
Track Name: mopiest boy in leopardstown
i keep getting way too drunk
telling people who i am
telling secrets in the dark
lost myself in the techno club

could we have a movie night
we'll pretend that its alright
trashy on 6 cans of gold
dont bring up what you were told

my friends like when i pass out
give them more 2 joke about
let me sleep sick to the bone
leave me be leave me alone

put me down or let me out
got nothing to cry about
tell me why you feel so down
tell me you wont stick around

i dont want to tell u lies
panicked nervous kind of vibes
i have slowly lost my mind
i dont care if i dont shine

i dont want to lose my friends
i dont want to live in sin
i dont want to lock my door
i dont want to do this again

i dont wanna lose you dear
i dont wanna live in fear
i dont wanna leave my house
but i wanna sneak you in
Track Name: shredder beach
its not
so bad
without the feel
theres no more friends

don't look
in their eyes
without the feel
theres no disguise

i wanna run to the ocean
i wanna sink in the sand
i wanna have lots of money
i wanna have lots of friends
Track Name: jason takes manhattan
let me lie down
shoot me a smile
i might pass out
but i'd rather not

roll you a smoke
we can sit for a while
we dont need to talk
when i crash on yr couch

~and i'm freaking out~

i dont ever want to wake up
now you know why im never on time
i dont know what got me so fucked
but i dont think i ever wanna find out
Track Name: great, ego-death
[Part I]

i've been hiding
i've been alone
i'm living beside me
i've lost all control

there are only teeth
underneath this bleeding mouth
they've been asking me
but i can seem to see a way out
underwater seas bury me in my own bed
long past ordinary swimming round in my own head

under the covers - hiding alone
no one will find this mope now

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / I / You / Mine / Yours / This /
None / No / Time / No / Love / None /
Find / Some / Hope / What / Hate /
Love / Aint / That / Great / I / Guess /
I'm / Safe / Still / Stuck / Self / Hate

Yelling / Dying / Falling / Crying /
Staying / Leaving / Coming / Grieving /
Sinking / Swimming / Sleeping /
Sinning / Laughing / Sorry / All / Forgiven

I'm in hell and I am screaming no im dead dont call me stephen
Where's the joke if i'm still breathing?

[Part II]

If there's a soul inside it's aching and it's legs are tired
theres an empty pool with only broken boards inside it
borders of my skin between myself and where i've been
i've slowly lost myself in self-destructive ignorance

but its cool
we're alright
we'll get through this
even if one of us dies
and even if its me that dies
i'm just happy you're alive
and i'm happy and im alive
but just on the outside

don't help me
please kill me

[Part III]

i've been dying
i die alone

underneath the earth
my teeth are seeding out my mouth
they've been good to me
i think they might be on their way out
when the empty pools are left to rot well i'm still good
and the boards will break and rot away just like they should

now as he sits and thinks about his sunken ship our hero leaves all
his regret with everyone he's ever met and he is dead but he's been
trying since he and the world first met and now he stands to live his
life with hollow eyes: "Great Ego-Death!"